Monday, August 18, 2014

GUZ# and a name!

Today we headed out for a day trip....and before we EVEN left town I received an email!

It contained our GUZ# woo hoo!!

It usually takes 2-3 hours from that point until it is in the system and we can fill out our NEXT bit of paperwork....the DS260.

We made it almost all the way to our destination and stopped at a McDonald's to use their free WiFi

I frantically filled out that DS260 trying to mark every necessary box and answer ALL the many, many questions correctly.....

and then - the question came....

"Other Given Names Used: child’s new name (first and middle names)"

I called Erik on his cell phone - looked at him through the McDonald's window....smiled and told him the next question I was trying to answer.

(He was feeding the 7 kids the packed lunch we had brought along....)

We have really been STUMPED on names. 

He likes a few....I like a few....and neither the two shall meet! 

Should we name him after someone? Or a biblical name? Erik likes last names as first names. I like names without nicknames. Our last name is very crisp sounding - so we both like less crisp sounding names. We both don't want to repeat a letter we have already that cut out T, M, A, R, C, J, D, E (Erik), S (Sandy)....

We have had a few top running names and this week decided to "try" one out for a week. I guess kind of like a test run :)

Since it was currently our favorite and the test run seemed to be going pretty well...I answered that DS260 question.

WOW - what extra added pressure in naming a child huh?! I can't wait to share with Little Caboose that his name was chosen at McDonalds - hee hee!

Blessings, Sandy

oh....the name....I will share it soon :)

Now just waiting for the PDF version of our GUZ# and we will have article 5 pick up - hopefully Thursday!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Our i800 was "provisionally approved" on August 8. 

Our paperwork FINALLY (did I mention FINALLY!) showed up at the National Visa Center on August 15.

Apparently they usually approve it within a few hours....but not on Friday.

Apparently they work over the weekend (and may have processed it?) or they will get to it on Monday?

We need that GUZ# and then our approval emailed to us so we can get it to our agency. Our agency will email it over to China.

HOPEFULLY we will have Article 5 pick up this week!!

LITTLE CABOOSE - we are COMING....although at the moment it feels a bit like we are moving at a SNAILS pace!

We requested our last "official" update - can't wait to hear more about our boy and see pictures!

Blessings, Sandy

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Puzzle update and when do we travel?

We ONLY have 76 more pieces....and our puzzle will be DONE!!!!

There is still time to join in the FUN!!

I found this GREAT explanation of the last few steps to Little Caboose on a fellow adoptive mom's blog. She said I could copy it - since there is no way I could have said it better:

So when do we travel???

"There are still a few more steps until we get our travel approval...

We have received approval from US immigration, and they will forward their approval to the National Visa Center.

Then the National Visa Center will send us a letter saying that they have received our file from USCIS (immigration). This letter will be forwarded to the US consulate in Guangzhou.

Then the US consulate will issue what's called our article 5, which will be picked up by our agency and sent to Beijing, and delivered to the CCCWA.

And finally, after all of that, our travel approval will be issued!"
(Typically that all takes about a in about a MONTH we should know when we are traveling to CHINA!! Usually families leave 2-3 weeks after receiving travel approval)

 Little Caboose....HERE WE COME!!!

(Which makes me feel REALLY excited and also throws my stomach into KNOTS immediately!!)
Blessings, Sandy

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


We received our i800 approval!!

(Actually we were approved on FRIDAY - but for some unknown reason when I called our officer yesterday she didn't remember doing it and said to call back later in the week! So glad when I called today I just talked to the gal who answered the phone).


Getting a GUZ number from NVC!!

It looks like we MIGHT be traveling in OCTOBER!!

How exciting is that?!

Back in time for Thanksgiving!

Back in time for Christmas!

We are getting VERY excited and a little bit nervous too!

Thank you for your PRAYERS!!

Blessings, Sandy

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Next Step

Our daughter's passport arrived this weekend!

I also went to the SOS to get our two power of attorney documents certified. Since I am traveling without my husband I need to take these to China.

Then  I packaged these puppies up to Fed. Ex. to a courier in Chicago. The POA need to be authenticated at the Chinese Consulate. My daughter and I both need a visa to enter China from the Chinese Consulate.

$500 later - both should happen in the next week!

PRAYING that tomorrow we hear our i800 has been approved!

We are coming Little Caboose!!!

Blessings, Sandy

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Puzzle Update

We are SUPER excited that our oldest got fingerprinted (and approved!) this week! 

Now we wait on our I800 approval....definitely a wait, wait, hurry, wait type of process - ALL worth it for Little Caboose :) 

AND our puzzle is GROWING!! 
(So far 59 pieces out of 250 have names on the back!)

For every $5 donated towards Little Caboose's adoption the back side of one piece is labeled with your name - so we can remember all those who helped us to bring our son home. 

Would you sponsor ONE PIECE today?

Thanks friends!

Blessings, Sandy

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fingerprinted and Approved


Our oldest was fingerprinted TODAY!


our i800a supp. 3 etc was approved TODAY!

So I made homemade cinnamon rolls to CELEBRATE!!
(One child does not like frosting)

THANK YOU for all your prayers and support friends - this is a journey not to be taken alone!

Blessings, Sandy