Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eight Days Until We Leave?!

Yesterday I posted on facebook
"NINE DAYS until we travel to China!"

 I also set up these cute little blocks for a blog post for today.

and then within a couple of hours that no longer looked so clear...

We have been BLESSED with buddy passes to China!
They are stand-by tickets that you pay per mile. To China it costs $750 for a round trip (buddy pass) ticket - as opposed to $1500-$2000!!....BUT you don't have reserved seats on the plane - you get on if there are seats available. So we leave a few days early to make sure we will get to China on time for Gotcha Day.

Our original plan was to leave Wednesday (8th) - so if we can't make our next flight from Detroit to Seattle or Seattle to Hong Kong no biggie - we have extra days.....

BUT somehow I had started to COUNT on leaving on the 8th!
(Madeline and I got on all our flights two years ago - so I guess that might have contributed to me thinking I could count on the 8th)

I have realized AGAIN that I am NOT in control!!

As I drove to our co-op this morning I prayed for God's Will to be done! HE knows when we are leaving/flying - HE has ALL the details covered!!

And really THAT IS THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE!! I don't WANT to be in control - I need to SURRENDER to God and His will for our lives AND our trip!!

Soooo.....we MIGHT leave for China in eight days....or maybe nine or maybe ten?!

Blessings, Sandy

Saturday, September 27, 2014

He spoke to ME!

Songs speak to my heart....

during Darren's adoption and surgery 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman spoke to me.

This adoption two songs have spoken to me:

Live Like That by Sidewalk Prophets
(As I was praying over Bryan Jin Hua and whether we should move forward with his adoption this song came on the radio!)


Lord, I Need You by Matt Maher
(Whenever I hear this song on the radio my heart/mind immediately thinks of Bryan's adoption)

For King and Country is performing a concert at our church tomorrow. At the services this weekend they are leading worship.

AND they sang "my" song - Lord, I Need You!!!!

We are SUPER excited about having Bryan Jin Hua join our family in TWO WEEKS....but also worried, nervous, scared - so many, many emotions! I don't feel STRONG enough or COMPETENT enough to be a parent....to a child whose medical needs are so unknown, who can't remember life before the orphanage, who is about to have a HUGE HUGE life transition.....can we do it?! can I do it?! 

No.......LORD I NEED YOU!!!

I felt like God was speaking DIRECTLY to me - as I stood by my seat feeling so unprepared, so unable to go on this journey alone, so incompetent.....

BUT God spoke to me to remind me that I AM NOT ALONE!!! 

He will be with me EVERY STEP of the WAY!!

PRAISING God for that promise, 
PRAISING God that I can claim that promise, 
PRAISING God for that reminder!!

Blessings, Sandy

Friday, September 26, 2014

His Quilt!


THANK YOU to all our friends and family who contributed to Bryan Jinhua's 100 Good Wishes Quilt!!

I am soooo EXCITED to cuddle Bryan with his quilt when he gets home!!

DAYS TO TRAVEL: 12 days!


Blessings, Sandy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A coke and fun facts!

Isn't there something FUN about seeing your child's name in print?!
(Thanks to my sister for hunting this coke down!)


DAYS until we LEAVE: 15!!

DAYS until we MEET Bryan Jinhua: 20!!


We will leave Detroit at 8:30am EST on the 8th
We will arrive in Seattle 1:30pm EST
We will leave Seattle 5pm EST
We will arrive in Hong Kong 7:30am EST on the 9th! (which will be 7:30pm China Time!)

For those following that....FIVE hours to Seattle AND FOURTEEN hours to Hong Kong!!!
(and 23 hours of TRAVELING!!)

and LOTS of J.E.T.L.A.G.!!!!

On the way home:
We leave Hong Kong at 10:30am China Time on the 22nd
We will arrive in Seattle at midnight China Time on the 22nd
We leave Seattle 4am China Time on the 23rd
We arrive in Detroit at 8am China Time on the 23rd (which will be 8pm EST on the 22nd)

HOW is THAT for time travel?!?!

YES, he is!!

Blessings, Sandy

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who's Counting?!

We are starting to COUNT down the days until Rhiana and I travel

AND to the day we MEET Bryan Jinhua!!

TRAVEL - 17 days!


Our sweet Angel Tammy sent us a few more pictures!

They bring such HAPPINESS to this mama's heart!

"Jin Hua was all smiles when he greeted me at the door of this doctor's room he was in. He was in there with that other older boy that you had asked about. That boy was getting acupuncture, and Jin Hua was doing a puzzle. The puzzle was difficult, and he was just pounding pieces together to make them work. I tried to help him, but I could tell that no one had every tried to show him how to do a puzzle."

"In the middle of the puzzle, the physical therapy man (massage guy) came to get him. He walked away with his shoes on the wrong feet."

" On Friday, they had his sheets off washing them. The ayi said he sweats.

The ayi kept insisting that I go up to the roof to take a picture of Jin Hua's sheets hanging out to dry. (So that's what the picture of the building is, with only a tiny bit of sheet showing.)"   

Blessings, Sandy

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CA, Gotcha Date, Airplane tickets, Hotel Reservations AND an Update!

We have a CONFIRMED Consulate Appointment!!

Can I get a "WOOO HOOO"?!

We have a CONFIRMED Gotcha Day of OCTOBER 13!!

(Leave October 8 - Return October 22)

We have a reserved hotel room.....

This is REALLY happening!!! Soon I will be a MOM to EIGHT kids!!!

I am sooooo BLESSED!

and we got an UPDATE from our angel Tammy:

From Tammy:
"I was greeted with squeals of excitement today. And, bless his little heart, he just wants my hand. Some of these kids are moody, and I never know what mood I will be greeted with, but not Jin Hua. He always makes me feel loved."

Something my boys would definitely do....

got a balloon? got a stick/sword/paper towel roll?

PERFECT for a game!

His room! It is more colorful than I imagined. I am curious to know which bed he sleeps in and if he shares a bed like Darren did.

Blessings, Sandy

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Travel Approval Arrived!

We received our TRAVEL APPROVAL today!!


BRYAN JINHUA here we come!!!

Our agency applied for our Consulate Appointment. Once that is set then our Gotcha Day is set.

We turned in our "top five choices"
October 20
October 21
October 22
October 23
October 27 

The TOP four choices would give us a Gotcha Day of October 13...the last date would give us a Gotcha of October 20.

The piling of the clothes has begun!
(Thankfully Bryan is the same size that Darren was when he joined our family - hand me downs!)

The suitcases are being borrowed!

Blessings, Sandy